For Growton, a sales-focused consulting company, we embarked on a project that aimed not only to represent their new brand image, variety of services but also to fully meet their business needs.


Growton needed a website that would serve as an effective business card for their activities. The primary goal was to present the range of services and enable potential clients to contact the Growton team quickly. Therefore, we decided to create a simple yet functional website. The website was designed with intuitiveness and ease of navigation in mind, allowing potential clients to find the necessary information quickly. One of the key elements of the website was an extensive contact form that enabled clients to communicate directly with Growton.


The choice of the type of service we offered to Growton was based on our approach “Easy, efficient, and end-to-end website building process”- a process of creating a website from start to finish that is easy, efficient, and comprehensive. Our offer provided Growton with time and cost savings by eliminating the need to engage in complex website creation processes. We focused on delivering a comprehensive service that included design, development, content management, and technical support.


After launching the new Growton website, the company experienced a significant boost in its online presence. The site effectively showcased their services, resulting in increased inquiries and new consulting projects. Our work enhanced Growton’s visibility in the industry, strengthening their brand recognition. The website’s simplicity and functionality provided users with easy access to essential information, fostering trust and attracting potential clients. Overall, the website project empowered Growton to concentrate on delivering top-notch consulting services, knowing that their online presence was both professional and impactful.

Orginal website: