Here is the case study for our web design project with Curae+, a Swiss-based company that specializes in providing home care for elderly and unwell people. We will examine how we developed a new website to improve their online presence and accessibility in this case study.


Before working with us, Curae+ encountered a number of difficulties. Older customers and younger users found it challenging to get crucial information about their services on their old and unfriendly existing website. Curae+ understood that their varied audience need a modern, responsive website that would also better showcase their compassionate care offerings.


We set out to build a brand-new website for Curae+ to address these issues, relying on a one-page design to maximize usability and simplicity. Our main goal was to make their services understandable and accessible to a variety of users, including both older and younger age groups. We created a user-friendly single-page interface that successfully highlighted Curae+’s extensive home care services. We made sure that visitors could easily navigate and comprehend the range of services offered by consolidating all pertinent information onto a single scrollable page. To improve user-friendliness for older users, we added larger letters, clear icons, and simple navigation. The one-page design simplified the process for younger customers looking for home care services for parents and made it possible for them to locate crucial information fast.


The redesigned website had an immediate and significant impact. Online inquiries and appointment reservations increased significantly at Curae+. Both elderly patients seeking care and their families were drawn to the site due to its improved accessibility since they had faith in Curae+’s commitment to offering compassionate services. The contemporary and expert website contributed to Curae+’s expansion and brand recognition in Switzerland by enhancing its credibility in the home care sector. Most significantly, the accessibility elements of the website made sure that people of all ages and backgrounds could easily access crucial healthcare information. In conclusion, by providing Curae+ with a user-friendly platform that complemented their fundamental principles of care and compassion, our web design project enabled them to better serve their community.

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